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Auger Blade

Industry News2015-09-08

   Auger blade used to strengthen the design, even in harsh conditions, the blade also has a high resistance to cracking. Its processing error is small, so the assembly precision, easy installation. A series of dimensions stir stir rope after rope blades ensure installation meets the special requirements of the mix without segregation delivery. With the best fit stir rope axial blade optimized to ensure easier installation.

    Auger blade is essential Asphalt pavers important part, often as a separate component and the presence of paver designs. When the asphalt mixture from the front portion of the hopper by conveyor to the front of the screed, is concentrated in the center or near the center of the range. Its role is to mix these in accordance with certain productivity (to match the speed and quantity) evenly distributed across the entire width of the screed, after screed vibrators, vibration and initial compaction, forming the width of the road.