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How do compacted asphalt mixture longitudinal seam

Industry News2015-08-27

Because once paver paving road width is limited, for a wide paved road is required to complete the press several times, to form a longitudinal seam between each strip twice. Longitudinal seams due to hot or cold rolling method seams vary.

1) Thermal material layer and the cold rolling material layer longitudinal seam If static light wheel roller or disengaged vibratory roller mechanism were job, start rolling in when most of the weight bearing roller cold material upper layer, only to 10 ~ 20cm wide press wheels were rolling on the hot material. When this method rolling, the excess mix will be feed out from the non-compacted, reducing the quantity of the binding edge, resulting in a lower combined density. When using vibratory roller were rolling in the longitudinal seams, flat seams if you want to get on the roller weight must be located as much as possible on the hot asphalt, only allow 10 ~ 20cm wide wheel pressed against the cold material layer, and then vibration rolling. Thus, on the one hand it does not cause cold material layer due to vibration damage, on the other hand may be mixed material from the hot side is pressed into the relatively cold binding edge, resulting in higher binding density. But if the tire drive single roller vibratory roller, it must be considered 75% of the tire width on the side of the seam to be rolling cold material.

Longitudinal seam roller compacted using vibration method not only increases the capacity per unit area of compaction, but also because of cold material side rollers take up less area and reduce interference to traffic.

2) Heat the material layer and the layer of hot material rolling longitudinal seams were compacted using a vibrating roller, the first combination of compaction from the center seam on both sides about 20cm outside the place, and then the rest of the mix compacted intermediate strip. This does not make the material spread out from the side, but also get a good combination.