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Screed plate height adjustment

Industry News2015-11-02

Screed plate height adjustment:

Ironing board telescopic height adjustment is made by two threaded pins connecting the drive chain, when the chain loose, and two threaded pins adjusted differently, you can correct the screed telescoping portion of the base of the slope.
Telescopic height adjustment of the screed, mainly used to make highly screed plate telescoping portion, the height of the base portion of adaptation in paving, avoiding errors paving thickness. Height adjustment should be carried out in the paving process.
(1) Loosen the locking screw.
(2) Use rigid hand or plum wrench (SW24), height adjustment.
(3) After the adjustment is completed, tighten the locking screw.

Extended flat bottom section height adjustment
Due to the different usage, extension segment plate is produced with varying degrees of wear and tear, so the installation must be considered and compensation.
(1) First, the oblique supporting means extended release segment.
(2) Loosen extended segment connecting bolts, turn the eccentric (or thread) adjustment mechanism, so that lengthened segment raised or lowered.
(3) After the adjustment is completed, tighten the bolts.

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