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What tire roller compaction principle is Tire roller which features

Industry News2015-08-21

Tyred roller is the use of the characteristics of the pneumatic tire to be pressed on the material compaction machinery. In addition it has a vertical compression strength, there is the level of pressure strength, compression strength of these levels, not only acting along the direction of travel, but also the effect on the mechanical transverse direction.Due to the pressure strength can move material particles in all directions, so get the maximum compactness. The role of these forces plus a "rubbing pressure effect" arising from rubber tires, resulting in excellent compaction results.

   If the compacted asphalt mixture with drum compactor parts, contacting the drum between the large particles asphalt mixture to form a "bridge" phenomenon, this "bridge" the gap left will produce uneven compaction. On the contrary, due to the flexibility of the tire, not

The asphalt mixture pushed in front of it, but to mix overlay on initial contact point, to materials with great vertical force, which would avoid the crack phenomenon drum roller often have, in addition, tire roller in the pair Finally the pressure on both sides of doing real time, enabling

The entire laminate surface uniform, while LO curb the grazing collision damage is much smaller than the drum rollers. Tire roller also has an increase or decrease in weight, changing the characteristics of the tire inflation pressure, which is more conducive to all kinds of material compaction.

   It is seen from the above description, tire roller compaction can be widely used not only all kinds of building foundation, pavement and roadbed, but also conducive to the compaction of asphalt concrete pavement. Hello, welcome to visit our company's products, if you are interested in this product, can work together

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