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Screed adjustment

Adjustment of the screed: after screed width adjustment, to adjust their camber. Various types of paver arch mechanism is substantially the same tune, can be read directly on the scale after adjusting the camber of the absolute number (mm) cross slope value or percentage, after adjusting the camber to conduct a test shop check, if necessary adjust again

Industry News2015-07-30

How to identify advantages and disadvantages of the engine

First we from engine of power performance aspects to, engine once started should is very ideal of State, may something started Hou cannot normal run but without worried this belongs to normal phenomenon, that we on should check started Qian we whether do has the prepared measures.

Industry News2015-07-20

In a lightning storm protection Road Machinery

Road Machinery electrical control systems, especially micro-electronic control unit, after receiving Lightning viewpoint likely to lead to a large voltage damage. Whenever the sky overcast heavy rain comes, lightning often be the construction of Road Machinery frontal attacks, which generates surge voltage can invade and damage the micro electronic control unit equipment

Industry News2015-07-14

The advantages of rubber track pads

1.Less round damage.2.Low noise.3.High speed.4.Less vibration.5.Low ground pressure.6.Superior traction

Company News2015-06-23

Improper use of influence paver Pavement

(1) be adjusted paver rammer traveling speed and frequency.(2) hasty adjustment paving thickness (elevation) is.(3) optionally shutdown.(4) of the crawler (tire) slip.(5) pre-elevation not adjusted.(6) leveling instrument sensitivity undesirable.(7) The screed is not in a floating position.

Industry News2015-05-15

Vogele Driving Shaft Assembly

Vogele Driving Shaft Assembly, ensure efficient power transmission and material handling perfect. The material can withstand high stress precision conveying axis.

Industry News2015-05-07

Road milling bit can maintain the level of elevation of the original road

Refurbishment using road milling process can maintain the level of elevation of the original pavement.

Industry News2015-04-29