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Scientific selection of Asphalt Pavement Recycling Technology

The first step: a large number of preliminary investigations. Including surveys of historical data, damaged pavement condition, road structural strength, material properties such as the old pavement. Historical data include viewing the same route survey design, construction, completion, maintenance and repair, and traffic information.

Industry News2015-04-16

Compactor classification

In general, can be divided into roller compaction machinery and mechanical compaction. Depending on the quality of the work scope, compaction principles and specific structure, the roller classification is different.

Company News2015-04-10

Asphalt Pavement Crack Prevention and Treatment

With the large number of highway construction. Semi-rigid material with its excellent engineering class performance and significant economic benefits have been widely used in the construction of highway and road construction increasingly occupies a special importance.

Industry News2015-03-26

Track Pad

Track pad is one of chassis parts for construction machinery, is a consumable used in construction machinery. Now commonly used in excavators, bulldozers, crawler crane, pavers and other construction machinery above.

Company News2015-03-18

Screed heating

Part of the current heating screed better use of electric heating and gas heating, the heating of the above two ways:1.electric heating systems, 2.gas heating system.

Industry News2015-03-09

Track Roller

Kaito track rollers​ are milling machine running system components in a very important part. When milling machine milling deeper still ensure faster operating speed. Track assembly especially track roller withstand high loads during milling operations.

Industry News2015-03-02