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milling depth controller

Milling depth controller​ sensors collect data evaluation, and control of the machine's height adjustment and exchange information with the control panel. Optimized control software can maintain excellent milling results. Depth control device in a system looking for a blend of control and operation, can be installed directly on the side of the desk or machine.

Company News2015-02-11

[Video] 2015 Awards Party

2015 Kaito(Suzhou) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Awards Party

Company News2015-02-05

2015 Annual Meeting

2015 Kaito(Suzhou) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd awards ceremony on January 24, 2015 held at the Holiday Inn Taicang Hua Xu.

Company News2015-01-28

Floor plate

Floor plate in the range of material handling bear high loads. Therefore, we use the most wear and impact resistance, the highest material strength. Extremely long service life.

Company News2015-01-21

HT11 toolholder

HT11 toolholder easy to replace, maintenance and quick. Block quick change system for milling and cold recycling machine developed using solutions that enable machine hand operation and maintenance work more simple and quick.

Company News2014-12-30

Non-contact blance beam

Flatness control system Non-contact blance beam​ measuring principle from the sensor, and the way to focus on the controller, have carried out a revolution.

Company News2014-12-15

2014 Shanghai Bauma China Exhibition

Kaito main exhibition display products are: milling machine parts, such as road milling bit, road milling holder, conveyor belts, pumps, solid tires, track pads and so on; asphalt paver parts, such as: non-contact balance beam, leveling system, material sensor, depth control, screed plate, conveyor chain and so on; road roller aparts, such as rubber mount, steel roller and so on.

Company News2014-08-08