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Track Roller

Kaito track rollers​ are milling machine running system components in a very important part. When milling machine milling deeper still ensure faster operating speed. Track assembly especially track roller withstand high loads during milling operations.

Industry News2015-03-02

Conveyor chain

Conveyor chain in order to ensure high wear resistance to withstand the stress of the scraper conveyor chain has a higher, so the use of high quality solid steel.

Industry News2014-12-09

milling machine wire string sensor

milling machine wire string sensor? is connected to the rotor on the side panel that runs along the baseline. Side plate slipper made up for this long trip within the roughness of the base surface.

Industry News2014-11-18

Rubber buffer introduced

?Rubber Buffer suitable for vibrating rollers and compactors. Adapt to different styles and different tonnage vehicles, gels or species were readily available.

Industry News2014-10-28

Silencer theory

There are many small holes on the silencer?, the air holes vortex energy consumption, noise silencer acoustic shock absorbing material.

Industry News2014-10-11

Road milling bit can prevent partial wear

Cone-shaped road milling bit, a small diameter at the top to ensure that the performance of cutting cone into the ground to reduce the cutting resistance;

Industry News2014-09-29

The cause of the failure screed

During use, screed operation fails, in order to be able to say that the cause of the fault clearing, the first work of its hydraulic. The role of the valve is as follows:

Industry News2014-09-22