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Product Description

Description: Kaito roller attrits the conveyor belt a little. Its main character is high quality, wearistant surface, and quick & easy disassembly. The conveyor belt system have high conveying capacity and low power consumption.


Support idler's advantage :

1.A high degree of hardening and tempering of the shaft connecting ensure the idlers maximum carrying.

2.The high wear-resistant bearing with labyrinth seal structure ensures low friction  in side end  guide.

3.The surface material has the smallest friction coefficient, leads low abrasion.

4.The rubber layer around the whole surface ensure effective guidance and clean.

5.High strength, stable roller connection ensure easy disassembly. Conveyor belt form trough contour at idler side, improving the conveying capability.

6. Each roller turns flexible, avoiding the adhesion of asphalt.

7. Enlarged buffer ring reduces the stress of the belt.


Working principles: When the conveyor belt roller milling machine used to support the work of the belt, transmission belt, roller belt drive accordingly been doing the same to rotate, thereby protecting the belt, so that the coefficient of friction between the belt and the device is reduced to a minimum.


Applicable machines Road Milling Machine
Materials steel and rubber
Specifications Quick-wear parts
Installation position milling machine

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2. Delivery terms:by sea/ by air

3. Delivery times:7-15 Days

4. Payment terms:FOB/EXW/CIF

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Company Information

In 2005, Kaito(Suzhou) Construction Machinery Co., Ltd was founded. Kaito has developed into become the famous factories in the industry of producing replacement parts for road construction machinery, such as track pads, conveyor chains, conveyor belts, modules, rubber buffers, cutting tools, tool holders, water pumps and various other parts. Kaito is more than capable of providing its customers domestically and foreign with replacement parts for a variety of different brands.

At Kaito, we believe that developing and manufacturing high quality products to be of our top priority. Our company is committed to providing customers with the all-around, rapid, and efficient services available.

Our clients spread all over China and exported to various countries and regions such as South Korea, Russia, USA, Spain, Malaysia, India and various others.




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