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cold planer protector skid

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1 pcs
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10000 Pieces per Month
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Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
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Product Description

Description: Protector skid,in order to make the milling material is completely enclosed on both sides of the rotor casing, preventing overflow from both sides, the side panels are always in full contact with the ground and therefore subject to wear. Use of specialized shoe wear resistant can reduce the degree of wear and easy replacement of quick-wear parts.


Advantages: .Protector skid is made of special wear-resistant materials, some of them are cemented carbide, and easily replaced.When the machine operation process, the front of the small problems, in front of protector shoes have the special shape which used to support the side panel to make it rise, so as to overcome obstacles, and then under the action of gravity, ground pressure tight ground again.


Working Principles: When machine works, in the process of the front of the small problems, the special shape of the front sliding boots support increase over obstacles side panel, and then under the action of gravity to compact the ground.



Applicable machines  Road Milling Machine
Materials  Wear resistant steel
Specifications  prevent wear the side door of milling machine
Installation position  milling machine, cold planer

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