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Screed plate height adjustment

Ironing board telescopic height adjustment is made by two threaded pins connecting the drive chain, when the chain loose, and two threaded pins adjusted differently, you can correct the screed telescoping portion of the base of the slope.

Industry News2015-11-02

Auger Blade

Auger blade used to strengthen the design, even in harsh conditions, the blade also has a high resistance to cracking. Its processing error is small, so the assembly precision, easy installation.

Industry News2015-09-08

How do compacted asphalt mixture longitudinal seam

Because once paver paving road width is limited, for a wide paved road is required to complete the press several times, to form a longitudinal seam between each strip twice. Longitudinal seams due to hot or cold rolling method seams vary.

Industry News2015-08-27

What tire roller compaction principle is Tire roller which features

Tyred roller is the use of the characteristics of the pneumatic tire to be pressed on the material compaction machinery. In addition it has a vertical compression strength, there is the level of pressure strength, compression strength of these levels, not only acting along the direction of travel

Industry News2015-08-21

Why roller compacted time may not be too late to start

Roller when the roller compacted asphalt concrete mixtures, rollers start rolling the time not later than the mixture spread of 15min, this is because the high temperature of asphalt mixture in the atmosphere under ambient temperature conditions prone to temperature drop, it must control the temperature range.

Industry News2015-08-13

Screed adjustment

Adjustment of the screed: after screed width adjustment, to adjust their camber. Various types of paver arch mechanism is substantially the same tune, can be read directly on the scale after adjusting the camber of the absolute number (mm) cross slope value or percentage, after adjusting the camber to conduct a test shop check, if necessary adjust again

Industry News2015-07-30

How to identify advantages and disadvantages of the engine

First we from engine of power performance aspects to, engine once started should is very ideal of State, may something started Hou cannot normal run but without worried this belongs to normal phenomenon, that we on should check started Qian we whether do has the prepared measures.

Industry News2015-07-20